Money Map Press and ‘Federal Rent Checks’?

The global market of the 21st century is taking a new turn as a lot of ideas are invented every day. The world is getting more advanced in science and technology.

Imagine if no one ever thought about the invention of the computer and the internet? Using computer devices, all modern businesses thrive by marketing their products and services on blogs/websites via the internet.

Okay anyway let’s get into the details on a new product.

One I’ll like to share with you is the so-called “Money Map Press.”

What you need to know about Money Map Press

The company is an online investment agency that advises on financial matters to those who subscribe or enlist for their services. 

According to Money Map Press, they offer a great range of products to assist their investors in solving financial problems and new forms of better opportunities to earn a good living.

The online business offers newsletters on different platforms about nine of them that extend from Real Estate Investment Trusts to cryptocurrency.

Who is the founder of Money Map Press?

In line with the information on the site, the company is led by the publisher, Mike Ward. The company was founded a dozen years ago (2007) as a unit of Agora Inc., one of America’s largest publishers of financial, health, travel and special-interest books and newsletters (as mentioned above).

Mike and his team send out e-letter to subscribers, a free daily piece which they named “Money Morning.” In the letter, one would find a short and attractive sentence which reads: “We make investing profitable.”

But is that how it truly works? Let’s find out more.

How does the product/service works?

The products and services the company is selling to people are nothing but unveiled truth and unrealistic goals like the brown cake covered in gateau.

They present it with attractive concepts such as “Federal Rent Checks.”

I may dive deeper into Federal Rent Checks but in this article I just want to share a general overview, but you can read this article on federal rent checks if you want a more in-depth review.

Products and services on offer…

The products and services on offer are just advice and ways to invest your money in different platforms and other initiatives.

They make you believe that all you have to do is join them on the website by registering and entering one of their enlisted distribution lists online. But there’s a lot about Money Map Press that meets the eyes.

To successfully give them what they want in the hope of making your investment profitable, you’ll have to purchase your way into the track of their lists by owning a share within the enlisted companies on the website.

Is the products/services a scam?

The sole truth is that the company doesn’t offer any refunds after signing up on the site which ranges from $39 to $79.

And also Federal Rent Checks are not what they appear to be. No one just gets on a waiting list and automatically begins to collect funds. I might at this point you might want to answer the above question by yourself.

Furthermore on scam issues, as for affiliate marketing, the site doesn’t state any affiliate accounts or any compensation plans. So, what are you in there for? 

Because so far, the only way you stand a chance to earn through this investment is by adhering to their financial advice and that doesn’t mean that you can predict how the market will end up.

It somewhat appears as smoke and mirrors game.


Summing up, I’ll to briefly highlight more about the pros and cons of this online business from individuals that have experience, in reality, the virtual and too-good-to-be-true offers of Money Map Press.


There are many pros out there and reviews are mixed, but in fairness to them many people have expressed that Money Map Press and various other offers have helped them.

Having read the reviews, act SMART!c

How To Not Get Scammed

So many people are getting scammed day in and day out but you can mitigate risks by just doing due diligence and looking online at real reviews.

I’m here to help you with that.

My reviews are honest of investment products, schemes, systems and more. I am sharing real reviews and other places have helped me to do that too.

I have contacts with people in the industry of making money, finance and more and will look to share my story and more here.